Friday, November 30, 2012

MATERNITY TOP 10 - #3 The Ruched T

At #3: The Ruched T.  Either as a regular tee or a t-shirt dress, ruching allows a fitted cut while expanding with the growth of the bump.  In fact, it's even flattering post-pregnancy when there's still a few pounds to shed!

This easy and fail-safe stable is definitely a no-brainer.  And if I factor the cost-per-wear, it's really worth investing in a good quality stretch jersey that can survive the weekly wash&dry.

T-shirt - H&M; Skirt - Alexander Wang; Pumps - Miu Miu; Hat - Zara; Scarf - Hermes; Necklace - Street Vendor


  1. Beautiful, but are heels a little uncomfortable when you're pregnant? I can't imagine them being comfortable, even when you're not. Not that I don't love them. You look wonderful!

  2. yeah, I can't wear them all day...but looks good to and from work! and my days in heels are limited now...probably another month only.