Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MATERNITY TOP 10 - #10 The Easy Shirt

I thought I should do a "Maternity Top 10": the 10 basic pieces that I believe would be a significant impact on a stylish maternity wardrobe.  Most of them are not actually maternity wear, but simply from my existing wardrobe or recently acquired to fit my new body shape.

At #10 - The Easy Shirt.  Regardless if its a solid tunic or a paisley print blouse, the easy shirt is very flattering when you got a bump!  It's both feminine and slimming, providing that it's the right fit (forget about a structured or shapeless oversized shirt).  Obviously, as the tummy gets bigger, the length should also be accordingly (there's nothing worse than seeing a flash of midriff).

Blouse - Gap; Shearling Vest - D&G; Jeans - J Brand Mama J; Shoes - Y&Y; Ring - Kenneth Jay Lane; Bracelet Ring - BCBG