Monday, November 26, 2012

MATERNITY TOP 10 - #4 The Skinny Belt

At #4: The Skinny Belt.  This accessory really highlights the now smallest part of your body, which is no longer the waist but rather right under your bustline.  No wonder empire-waist tops and dresses are so popular among maternity wear.  On a side note, I wouldn't mind a regular 1 1/2" wide belt but definitely avoid thicker width belts as they only create a shorter and bustier upper body than desired.

I also sometimes like to wear my belts right below my belly, especially during the first two trimesters.  By gather some material around the waistline, it serve as a camouflage when it's still hard to tell if I'm pregnant or just had a really big lunch!

Double-tour Belt - Dries Van Noten; Dress - Alexander Wang; Scarf - H&M; Watch - Swiss Legend; Bracelet - Street Vendor

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  1. You look fashionable and chic. I hardly see that in maternity wear. LOVE.