Thursday, February 17, 2011

WANTED: Alexander Wang Kirsten bag

I need a new bag for spring like plants need sunshine to grow.  My top choice: the new Alexander Wang Kirsten satchel.  Style: love it.  Texture: love it.  Price: love it.  Now where can I find it in Canada???


  1. Although not in Canada, I saw the bag on Nordstrom Seattle also has these bags. Contact Peggy Urban at the Nordstrom Downtown Seattle store. Good luck!

    Peggy Urban, (206) 628-1253

  2. LCanemone, I seems like its available everywhere in US. I just need to keep bugging my SA!

  3. Hi,

    Alexander Wang Kirsten bag is unique style. It is made of texturized leather, with flat leather handles. Its interior is lined with fabric, and has a leather-trimmed zip pocket. Thanks...

    Alexander Wang Handbags

  4. Love your blog. Fellow TPFer here. You might have some luck finding these bags at TNT (The New Trend)on 4100 rue ST-Catherine Ouest. If not, Jonathan+Olivia in Toronto has them as well. Please follow and support my blog! I'll do the same for you =) Keep in touch,