Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Auraya Skincare

I recently started a new skincare regime for my combination skin with some first signs of aging (yikes!!).  I was hoping that it's just winter, but these little lines around my mouth, eyes and neck are here to stay...

Recently, I was introduced to Auraya, an organic skincare that uses 100% natural ingredients developped by my cousin Vivi.  I still recall when she first mentioned her line to me and asked if I was into organic products, my initial reply was "no, they're too expensive!".  Haha...I guess I should have displayed a little more elegance in my answer...But to my surprise, her line is actually more affortable than most products I already use!

My favorite products are the Ylang Ylang Sandalwood lotion, Rose and Aloe Facial Toner and the Chamomile Eye Cream.  The Rose Geranium Face Cream feels a little oily on my face but actually gets completely absorbed after a few minutes.  I was also suggested to leave my eye and face cream in the fridge for optimal texture and to extend the shelf life since no preservative has been added.  As for the Gentle Exfoliating Scrub, I have mix feelings: love the gentle texture but not the scent.

What I'm actually even more excited about is the Lil One Cream and Lotion!!!  Which mom doesn't like organic baby products?  I especially LOVE the scent of sweet orange and vanilla in the lotion!  And the cream of perfect for Ayden's dry skin in the winter time. 

Auraya is now only available online: http://www.auraya.ca/

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