Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 4 C's of Styled by Janet

No, I'm not talking about the 4 C's diamond!  I've only had one crash course when shopping for my engagement ring thus making me far from being an expert. 

I'm talking about the 4 C's of my personal style.  I must admit, I don't think I'm very creative, but I know too well what I like and don't like...which can be dangerous because I shop with minimal hesitation! 

Here are the 4 C's of Styled by Janet:

  1. Cool - This sounds like a teenager, but I like things to look cool.  You can't have too much attitude but you can be too sexy or too cutie.  
  2. Costume Jewelry - You can go as bold and as wild as you want with costume jewelry...and they don't hurt the bank account!
  3. Comfort - No matter how pretty a piece looks (and this is especially true for shoes), it's just not gonna be worn if it's not comfortable.  Trust me on this won't stretch if it sits in the closet.
  4. Chic - Chicness comes from within; part of your upbrining.  Don't think just because you're carrying a Kelly bag that it automatically makes you chic (remember Britney Spears with her croc Kelly??)  It's the hardest "C" to describe and achieve.


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