Friday, February 25, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - the Weekender

It's the weekend already (not that it matters so much when you're on mat leave...)!!  And what better time to take out my weekender Bolide!  This use to be my workhorse: perfectly subtle and luxurious to use at meetings with my clients.  I really missed her!  Well, I guess I can use it now occasionally as my diapper bag until I go back to work?!?

Cape - Zara; Pants - Zara; Bag - Hermes; Boots - Proenza Schouler; Hat - Ophelie; Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs


  1. I love your bag!!! =)

  2. Drooling all over the place here. What a perfectly chic, yet understated bag. Love this model (with the out pocket) even more than the regular bolide. Your whole outfit is lovely as always, and the bag is the perfect icing on the cake! xox, Macs