Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reed Krakoff - a man that understands me

I don't need bling bling; I don't need fireworks.  I consider myself a simple girl in a world where everyone crave for drama girls (gossip magazines anyone?).  So when a man, like Reed Krakoff, understands exactly what I want better than myself, I can't help but to feel in ahh...

Krakoff was the creative director of Coach, but RK's new luxury line has nothing to do with Coach.  In his RK collection, he touches all the subtleties that define understated luxury.  I am currently in love with his Boxer Tote and Boxer Clutch, which features a simple belt strap closure similar to straps used on vintage luggages.  And the combination of colours and textures are beyond perfection.

Reed Krakoff's collection available online:


  1. Although RK has a different design aesthetic, it is owned by Coach. Reed Krakoff is involved in both lines. For more information there is an article in US Elle Magazine March 2011 issue. Enjoy!

  2. I know that RK designs for both lines but the aestetics are completely different. I guess they are trying to tap a different market, which includes me!! hehehe!!! thanks for commenting!