Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BEAUTY FIX - Clipless Iron

Have you ever used a clipless / clampless curling iron?  I've been tempted by the idea (all the hair stylists use it and there are actually people DIYing their own by removing the clip from their existing curling iron). But I was unsure how I felt about wrapping a section of hair around a 400+ degree iron with my bare hand...let's just say I've burnt myself a few times over the past years.

However, sometimes it's nice to switch up to the beachy tousled hair, which is a far more modern look than the usual Victoria Secrets big bouncy curls I do with my old Conair 1 1/4" curling iron.  

So I just got my first clipless curling iron: Hot Tools Curly-Q Tapered Iron in medium size (which goes from 1/2" to 1").  Hot Tools is known for its excellent quality curling irons that heat up in seconds and the tapered feature allows me to create uneven curl size.  I have to admit, it's a little trickier and takes practice but I love the result (thank god for the protective glove).  And I did my whole head in 15 mins!!!

Here's what I did to achieve this look:
  • Wash and blow dry hair as usual (I like to add volumizing root pump or moose and flip my head over while blowdrying)
  • Apply nickel size Moroccain Oil from mid to end of hair for heat protection and shine
  • Section hair in 3 (top, middle and bottom layer)
  • Wrap 1" to 2" section around the iron away from face.  I set my iron heat to 5 (my hair is thin so it's really hot enough) and hold for about 5 seconds.  Obviously, the bigger the section, the bigger the waves, so play around and alternate to create uneven curls.
  • Finish with Kevin Murphy Session hairspray at roots for extra lift.

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