Thursday, June 9, 2011

still SHOPPING - Gold Rush

So I do shop a lot...not everyday, but at least every week.  I took my mom and Ayden to the local mall to find a pair of sandals on sale (Ayden decided to kick one of his off and not tell me about it).  Unfortunately, we couldn't find anything in his size so ended up getting a pair of Robeez softsole shoes.

When we got to Banana Republic, we noticed the "Additional 40% off" sign and decided to take a quick look.  I immediately headed towards the jewelry section and found this three-stone cocktail ring and gold mesh bracelet (that can also be used as anklet)...humm...I think I'll take those please!

It got a little embarrassing when my debit card didn't work and had to ask money from my mom.  But somehow, I still go kick out of it...Is it very wrong for a full grown 30 year old woman to enjoy asking her mom to pay for her purchase?  Well, if there's one thing I like better than a sale is a freebie!!!

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