Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gypsy at Heart

Don't be fooled by my casual urban uniforms...I'm a gypsy at heart!  I've always loved the elusive and mysterious styling of those fortune tellers.  And they seem to be an inspiration of some runway in NYC or Paris every season! 

To achieve your inner gypsy look:

1.  Look for rich colour palette: browns, burgundies, camels and other earthy tones.  Work with 3 shades for a cleaner and more modern look.

2.  Pile on ethnic jewelry in gold and copper tones.  More is more!

3.  Dress up with a scarf.  Fringed, beaded and wild prints are all welcomed.  And forget about your basic fold; wear it as a turban, as a belt or as a top!

4.  Juxtapose fabrics for texture and contrast.  Try velvet with silk; denim with suede; fur with sequins.

5.  Final but most important touch: black kohl eyeliner with lots and lots of mascara!

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