Thursday, June 9, 2011

SHOPPING - Summer Botanical

Couldn't wait to be photographed so did some self-portraits in my bathroom of my acquisitions yesterday from H&M.  Sorry I wasn't able to get better lighting...anyways, both pieces are from their newest collection, in beautiful shades of rose and mauve botanical prints.  The blouse has soft batwing ruffle sleeves, which is very forgiving for problem areas...or when you just ate too much (happens to me all the time).  And the shorts are a real trompe l'oeil, looking almost like a pleated highwaist mini skirt.  So flirty!  I LIKE.

On a hot and humid day, why wear anything else when frizzy hair goes so well with boho chic?


  1. love the floral print. Btw, I can never do self-portraits, it takes way too much time :)

  2. yeah, way more time consuming than getting photographed. that's why I can only do it when my son is asleep and I have the patience!