Monday, June 13, 2011

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Don't follow me

Seriously, don't follow me...'cause I don't know where I'm going!  I might seem confident and very opinionated (actually, I am), but sometimes, I'm just as lost.  Lately, I've been feeling that way: not sure where to go, what to do next, or even what to wear!?!

I'm in need of inspiration, of guidance.  So lead ahead, let me follow you!

Jacket - BCBG; Jeans - Rich & Skinny; White tank - Urban Outfitter; Black tank - Zara; Purse - Chanel; Pumps - Zara


  1. I loveeeee your blue jacket. Such a great colour!

    btw Janet, you should turn off your word verification! : )

  2. TLDP, where do I turn off my word verification??? haha...I told you I am lost!

  3. wow, love your whole look. Clean and chic, and the electric blue blazer just added the right amount of pop to your outfit. And of course, so envy of your patent reissue. Btw, are the pumps from Zara comfortable? Zara always has cute shoes, but I am hesitate to buy them since I am afraid they are not comfy...

  4. Chic Escape, surprisingly, all my zara shoes are comfy. I'm usually a 36.5 but will always buy 37 at Zara to make sure they are comfy.