Friday, June 10, 2011

I want GREEN

(Celine tote)

(Marni platforms)

(Celine pouch)

(Unknown pants)

(Proenza Schouler bag)

(Kate Spade bag)

(Unknown skirt)

(Fendi bag)

With so much colours on the runway, in forms of blocks, strips and graphic prints, I glad to see them popping randomly on the street.  One of my favorite color is green.  Although one of the hardest colour to wear (just forget it if you are asian or super pale), I tend to lean towards kelly green and army green which have more blue than yellow pigments.  It's also best if not worn next to my face.

Here are a few green options (fashion-wise, not environment-friendly-wise).

source: oops, I forgot to note them down again...sorry!


  1. I think the 3rd bag from the bottom up, is from The Cambridge Satchel Company :)

    Decently priced, but takes a little breaking in from the stiffness. Love your blog btw!

  2. I thought it is Kate Spade from this spring/summer collection that came out in so many different neon colours...but I think you might be right since the size does match more the Cambridge satchel!