Monday, November 15, 2010

NEW TOY: T3 Bespoke Colorlock Press

Went shopping at Winner's yesterday and came home with this new toy: T3 Bespoke Colorlock Press!!  I have to admit that it first caught my attention with its unbelievable price ($49.99 instead of $250!!!  Still regular price at T3's website).  I then realized that it was part of T3's professional line.  Sold!  After some research online, I found out that this straightening iron can be used on both damp or dry hair and is actually meant to condition and lock in colour while styling at the same time!  It comes with dual voltage, which means I can travel back to Asia with it.  After testing it this morning on my freshly washed and air-dried hair, I think I found my new favorite toy!!  The only downside is that it cannot curl hair like my 1" straightening iron...oh well! 

Go get it while they're still available at Winner's!


  1. Witch Winner's did you get it?? Lucky you because I had the same one(but old version)and it's never on sale....

  2. Vanessa, I got it at the Mtl downtown Winner's, but also saw it at the DIX30 one. Hope you find it!