Friday, November 19, 2010


Yes, I want to be a Ballerina this holiday season.  And I need to start with a perfect modern chignon like the one above...needless to say, I highly doubt that the final outcome will be so pretty.  Well, one can always dream...To make my life easier, I got the new Goody Spin Pin at Walmart yesterday.  I figured that they were only $6.97 and refundable in case they don't deliver what the commercial promissed.  Once home, I did a test with a quick low bun and inserted one pin downwards and another upwards and voila!  Not only they held my bun in place without any extra products, they were even jump/dance/shake-proof!


I love ingenious little things that make my life easier and won't brake my wallet!  Next: the make-up!

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