Saturday, June 8, 2013

the Regimen

After my oxygen facial, I was introduced the Luzern Laboratories, a Swiss pharmaceutical grade line of skincare that is free of toxins and uses certified organic extracts.

I was prescribed to use the following regimen to complement my current La Roche Posay Active C lotion, eye cream and Anthelios facial sunscreen:

  • Micro-Exfoliant Deep Hydrating Scrub - a moisturizing and ultra gentle scrub to erase dead skin to prep my face for the mask and serum.
  • Pure Oxugen Radiance Mask - this mask is inspired by the Oxygen Facial itself!  It comes with a small bottle of the Serum Absolut V12, which allows customizable mask by adding a few drops of the serum into the mask before applying (apparently that's what estheticians do at professional spas already).  It left my skin smooth and bright!
  • Serum Absolut V12 - a 15% pure vitamin C and antioxidant serum to brighten up my complexion, stimulates collagen/elasticity and serve as preventative measures for future signs of aging.  I've used it for three days now and it's not at all aggressive nor irritating given the 15 % L-Ascorbic acid.
Yup, after two kids and being in my early 30s, I think it's about time to give my skin all the help it can get and have a proper regimen.

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