Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was meeting up with a girlfriend for quick bite at HLK followed by an event at the Rock Bund, where CHANEL The Little Black Jacket is hosted (June 21-July 7th).  Got out of my joggers and ready to hit a non-baby social scene as quickly as I can...only to be stuck at home 'cause I couldn't get a cab!  I can't believe this!!!

You see, this is the annoying part of Shanghai: it's impossible to get a cab the minute is starts to rain, snow (doesn't happen often but still), rush hours, weekend and all holidays!  And I'm not fancy enough to have my own driver (like most of my friends here) so public transportation is my only way to get from A to B...on in today's case not getting to B.  I felt like a teenager being grounded at home!

Blouse - Carven; Jeans - James; Sandals - Loeffler Randall;  Clutch - Local Designer in Bali; Necklace - H&M; Watch - Hermes; Handcuff Bracelet - BCBG; Clic Clac Bracelet - Hermes


  1. It's too bad no one got to see you in this outfit, that's for sure! You look absolutely amazing!