Monday, June 24, 2013


With the temperature rising, makeup just doesn't seem to stick.  But like most people, I like to get a little "help" so I don't look like I'm only getting 2-3 hrs sleep (even though it's pretty much that this past week while the kids are trying to fight the jet lag).

One of my favourite summer product is MAC's Paint Pot in Bare Study, a soft beige with gold shimmer.  It can be used as a base to enhance the pigmentation and the wear any shadow or simply on its own (which is what I do with a quick stroke of eyeliner).  The creamy formula dries up fairly quickly to an intense vibrant finish so you gotta work fast for an even application.  I usually warm it up and apply with my ring finger.

Done in 30 seconds flat!  And it stays all day!

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