Saturday, May 25, 2013

SHOPPING - Winter Kate and House of Harlow Haul!

So this is where I rushed to on thursday: Winter Kate and House of Harlow sample sale!  The same distributor also have other brands, such as Ernest Sewn, Heidi Klum for New Balance, Purity to name a few but it was Nicole Richie's line that got me most excited!

I got 5 pairs of sunglasses (ok, I know it's a bit excessive but I realized that all my sunglasses are in China and I only have 3 pairs here), one pony hair studded clutch, two dresses and a blouse.  My biggest score is obviously the Kamakura kimono dress that is actually from a few seasons ago but I hesitated to get a full price because I was too pregnant to try on...then obviously sold out when Nicole was spotted wearing it!  I still can't believe I found it at the sample sale!!!

For those of you living in Montreal, today is the last day of sale...I forgot to take note of exact address but it's right next to the TNT store at 4100 Saint-Catherine W. in an office building on 3rd floor.  Once there, you can't miss the balloons and signs!  Happy shopping!


  1. Amazing haul... so jealous of this sale and that dress you managed to get your hands on (plus everything really).

    xo, alison*elle

    1. Alison, thank god I don't live in NYC...I'd go crazy (and broke) with all their weekly designer samples!!!

  2. Hi Janet, im your faithful reader. Sorry, i cant find email me button. Im travelling to montreal next month from indonesia.

    Can you recommend cool hip boutiques and eateries in montreal.

    Many thanks and i think you are a super gorg confident woman. I enjoy your blog

    1. Hi, I deleted my email button because I was getting too many solicitation from marketers...I was hoping from readers instead...sorry!

      Montreal is a wonderful city to visit (in summer!), lots of festivities and patio to enjoy!
      -Griffentown Cafe for brunch (1378 Notre-Dame W. tel 514.931.5299)
      -Soy for pan-asian (5258 St-Laurent tel. 514.499.9399)
      -Pied de Cochon MUST for fois gras (536 Duluth E. tel. 514.281.1114)
      -Pintxo for spanish (256 Roy E. tel. 514. 844.0222)

      -SSense 90 St-Paul W.
      -Reborn 231 St-Paul W.
      -Cahier d'Exercises 369 St-Paul W
      -Les Cours Mont-Royal (it's a mall full of small boutiques) 1455 Peel

      Hope you'll enjoy your stay!