Saturday, May 18, 2013

SHOPPING - ecoté

(Ecoté jacket and clutch)

It's another successful "chic for cheap"!  I found this really cute embellished ethnic clutch at Urban Outfitters that has the same flare as the Antik Batik Banjo clutch that I've been debating forever if I should get (it's only $140 on and sold out by the time I made up my mind).  Well, everything happens for a reason because I love this Ecoté brand clutch even more since it comes with a removable chain (must for mommies) and at a fraction of the price (imagine!).

And while at it, I got this leopard print safari jacket from the same brand.  Cute outfit, don't you think?

(Antik Batik Banjo clutch)


  1. Cute outfit, don't you think?

    Yes, and I prefer the Ecoté clutch to the Antik Batik one too!

  2. Hi J, love your new clutch...actually i bought the exact same Antik Batik clutch on NAP just now and it's available.

    Love your styles as always...u are a chic and fabulous mama...^_^

    1. Thanks Diane! NAP restock them?? Oh well, I'm sure it's a much better quality than mine but I'm happy with my cheapies. More money for diapers!!! LOL