Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SHOPPING - Island Finds

Just got back to a relaxing week in Bali...back to crazy Shanghai!!!

As with all my trips, I love to buy souvenirs from local designers.  The first thing that caught my eyes are these amazing tribal necklaces made from seashells, corals and wood!  Some of them are breathtaking, but once on, I looked more than ridiculous (like I was part of some carnival) and weight a ton (literally).  So I opted for this one with a giant semi-circle seashell that has both impact yet still user friendly.

I also noticed lots of leather stores, especially python!  Bags, jackets, sandals, boots accessories in any colour in the world!  Obviously, the designs were simple and limited but a 1/10 of the price compared to what most designer charges, I'm more than happy with my oversized cobalt clutch and natural coloured credit card holder (I also got my mom a oversized hobo bag in the same colour as my card holder but she's already using it before I got a chance to take a picture!).

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