Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Everyone's Got a Sin

I must admit that I've always had a sweet tooth, especially for dark chocolate.  During my last pregnancy, I took my indulgence to heart and this time is no exception (hey, the pregnant lady has "cravings" ok?!?).

Yeah, well my "cravings" were abruptly interrupted when my doctor told me that the sugar level in my blood is on the high side...what does that mean anyways?

But chocolate is good for my health: it stops my headache (now that I can't drug myself) and makes me so happy!  Now what should I do when my hormones are all over the place?!?  Ok, I might be slightly exaggerating...but still!  Oh...what a party pooper!!!


  1. hihi! high glucose level in blood during pregnancy is bad for your baby.. what it means is that sugar in your blood is most likely to pass on to the infant so the baby is born with diabetes. so chocolate is nono :(

  2. I spent the first nine months of my life swimming in alcohol and nicotine. Don't get me started . . .

  3. Ok, I'll be good about my sugar intake...I guess I should be able to though it out for the next 4 months!