Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From Bali with Love

Life in Bali is great!  We were invited to stay at a vacation villa of a friend for the October Holiday and this vacation cannot have come at a better time.  A full week away without Ayden (I love the little guy to death but some time away with just hubby + friends does good for my mental health)!

The tropical weather is great, the food is delicious and the villa we are staying in is spectacular!  We just landed monday night and I'm already in love!  If it was because of the long flight from Shanghai, I would seriously consider getting a timeshare with one of the properties.

ps. sorry for the poor quality pictures as they were all taken with my iPhone 4 (no, I didn't upgrade for the new iPhone 5!)


  1. Hope you have a great time!
    Hope you take more pictures . . .

  2. Hi Janet,

    Nice place.... May I know which Villa you are staying?

  3. It's called Maharaj. Excellent location, near beach, restaurants, Body Works (one of the best spas in Seminyak) and shopping!