Saturday, December 18, 2010


I am losing my mind!!!  My fear finally became reality about a month ago when I started to shed like there's no tomorrow!  My friends warned me; postpartum 3-4 months and you will loose all the hair you haven't been loosing during the whole pregnancy at once!  Knowing it and seeing it is a whole different story...I really dont want to end up bald...I mean, my hair is my ONLY feature...I don't have long lean legs, bouncy round behind (not anymore at least), perky full bust, wide flurtacious eyes, plumped pink only thing was my hair!!!  Now what do I do?!?  Help!

Ring - Kenneth Jay Lane


  1. What do you mean, you don't have long, lean legs? I'd kill to have a set like yours. Not to mention your beautiful skin, almond shaped eyes, your model like figure (even more points for that, now that I know you just recently gave birth)... - but still totally understand, that you're worried about the hair and hope it get's better soon! When I was having a stressful time once I used ampules from Redken Hair Advance (10 in one box) and it helped. lovely greetings, Macs PS: The more you worry, the worse it gets. I know, that's easy to say, but it's true.

  2. Macs is sooo right! You're adorable. Even bald, I'd think. ;-)