Sunday, December 19, 2010

7 days till Christmas...

(Chanel Paris Shanghai Dynasty Brooch)

I have been wanting this sooo badly, I almost got all my friends involved in the hunt!  None of the Chanel boutiques in Canada ordered it so it was an international search of my brooch....and sadly, it was not meant to be.


  1. Love your style a lot! If not I notice your ACTION photo on TPF, I would have missed out many stunning photos! I have to say that MTLers are born to dress chic! I wish I still live there =D

    As for the Dynasty Brooch, it's sad that Canada didn't order. Only Nordstrom in US got them, not sure if they still carry any now. A great friend of mine got it from Paris last May for me. Good Luck! If you need the code, let me know! Ceci

  2. ceci, you're so lucky to have the dynasty brooch! I don't know if it wouln Ud still be available at Nordy. I did call Chanel boutiques in US and was sold out...