Tuesday, September 3, 2013

TRES CHIC TOT STYLE - Dolce & Gabbana

(Dolce & Gabbana Child Winter 2014)

It's officially back to school this past monday!  If you have kids, you'll know it's always hectic with registration, orientation, transition phase, not to mention all the supplies to buy for the new school calendar year.

One thing I do enjoy is all the Back-to-School uniforms...they are soooo cute!  Reminds me of my own uniform at Notre-Dame where I attended high school...but in miniature!  I mean how cute are those black and white tweed outfits with a giant black ribbon for girls?!?

Well, now that I got some inspiration, I'll be heading to Gap, where it's a little more budget friendly, and pick up some polos and kakis for my son.

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