Sunday, September 22, 2013

DETAILS - Prada Spring 2014

(Prada Spring 2014)

Miuccia Prada has always been known for her influential and leading design unparalleled to others, especially with accessories.  This season, she has set off another few key trends, including pop art giant faces (on virtually everything from dresses to handbags) and tromp l'oeil embellished bras on coats & sweaters.  I love the idea how it's a step up from crop bra tops that we've seen in recent seasons without the unnecessary midriff exposure (for those of us who do not want/cannot afford to)!

As for her accessories, I'm really liking the sporty take with leg warmers (especially the embellished ones) mixed in!  Something tells me that those are gonna be one of the top DIYs and high street (all the Zaras and H&Ms of this world) inspiration.


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  1. LOVED this collection! It was a total WTF experience scrolling through on but in the best way possible!!