Thursday, August 1, 2013


Many of my girlfriends have asked how I pull outfits together (and so quickly since I also need to get the two kids ready and pack their diapers, bottle, toys, etc when we head out).  Just like everything else, we each have our own way, but I'm willing to share what has works for me: working my way up!  It's actually very simple: I love shoes and will usually work my outfit around a specific pair that I want to wear!


  • Know your wardrobe: it's is probably the key to save time in the morning when you only have 2 mins to get dressed.  And it's not only knowing what pieces you own (and where you stored them...does this sound familiar?!?), it's also knowing what still fits and what works well together.
  • Consider the venue: although it's always safe to overdress than underdress, you still don't want to look like you're part of a wedding band when picking up your kids from soccer practice.  So visualize an appropriate style for the venue (ie. location, weather, audience, etc).
  • Pick a sole mate: the reason why I work around my shoes is not only because they are my favourite part of any outfit, there's also a practical reason behind it.  Since I'll be standing/dancing/running after Ayden in them, I need to make sure the soles I choose will "have my back", heels or flats.  And if it's just a dinner party, then it's the occasion to pull out the sky-high-oh-so-pretty-but-impossible-to-walk heels!
  • Work your way up: and only then, I'll add pieces to my overall outfit keeping in mind colour palette and style.  I like a little contrast, either in texture or style, so the overall outfit looks modern without trying too hard.
Last week, I picked up these tangerine heels from Zara on sale.  From the minute I saw them, they make me feel "happy" and surprisingly, super comfortable!  Along with a basic tank and cutoff denims, they are the highlight of my outfit today.

Happy Friday!

Heels - Zara; Tank - Uniqlo; Denim shorts - Fidelity (DIY); Clutch - Club Monaco; Scarf - Zara; Cuff - Pamela Love


  1. I love the way you are working with colours, adding a little pop to your outfit. I know your pics from tpf and you always looked wow.

    1. Thanks! I wish however I can post more ODJ posts but between carrying for the two kids and lack of reliable VPN to access bloggers in china, it's been really hard. But I'll keep trying! :)

  2. Wonderful post! Thank you, Janet!