Saturday, August 17, 2013

BEAUTY SAVER - Michael Kors Leg Shine

With plenty of sunny days left to go bare leg and no time to squeeze a spray tan session anytime soon, I'm resorting to my all time favourite easy & quick bronzing product: MICHAEL KORS Leg Shine.

Love the twist & roll application (unlike my tinted dry oils, it mostly gets onto my palms) and that "vacation" smell!  Not sure why they would market it as Leg Shine since you can roll this on your shoulders, collarbones, even cheeks if you want to!  And of course, on your legs to get that sexy goddess shimmer.  Best part: I got it for only $10 at Sephora and lasts forever!

However, just a little word of advice, the shimmer is a little on the "Miami Beach" spectrum of things...if you know what I mean.  So try to keep it at a single roll!

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