Thursday, December 27, 2012


My boxing day shopping was, unfortunately for me but fortunately for my hubby, very unsuccessful!  I knew I probably wouldn't score any clothes, but was determined to hunt down some uber cool jewelry and shoes...however, I ended up with only a Mezzo decaf latte and a chocolate chunk cookie at Starbucks!!!

Huh...defeated, I went home and clicked on checkout from my shopping cart page(thank you reliable online shopping!).  Acne Pistol boots in Mustard colour: after seeing them on every off duty model for the past two years, I'm convinced they will be my go-to boots.  This will be my second pair from the Swedish brand (I got the Acne Hydro wedge boots last year and have been wearing them like slippers) so I know they're a post-baby approved.  And in this buttery shade, it'll be perfect for spring, summer and fall!


  1. Ahh, great choice. I've been lusting for the black pair the past couple of years.

  2. where did you purchase these from?

  3. bought them on at 50%. just hope they're the right size since it was the last pair!