Saturday, December 22, 2012

Good Morning Montreal!

Sorry for the lack of post this week...I've been busy with packing for my 3 month trip back to Montreal and fighting the jet lag...In fact, we've just landed last night after an almost 24hr trip, including delay from Shanghai departure, missing the connecting flight in Toronto, dealing with Air Canada for putting my son and I on separate flights back to Mtl (don't ask how they decided to put a 2 yr old toddler on a different flight from his mom?!?), etc.

And now, just gotten up from my supposedly "nap", I'm enjoying my Fairmount bagel (Montreal has the best bagels in the world!!!) with cream cheese with a big cup of latte at 1:30am!


  1. That bagel does look good! Did they let your son fly the plane?

  2. yup...they said it was because I'm Elite member so got priority on next flight where as my 2 yr old son, obviously not Elite member, was put on a later flight!!!

    at the end, we both got home safely.