Monday, August 13, 2012

OUTFIT DU JOUR - Desperate Housewife

So let me first set the records straight: I don't watch reality TV!  In fact, I barely watch television in general...just movies and recently, lots of cartoons with my son.

Naturally, I am amazed to find how many cities the Real Housewives franchise has expanded to (NYC, Orange County, New Jersey, just to name a few).  They even reached the northern border to Vancouver!

How do I know this?!?  Well, let's just say that some of my friends follow the Housewives religiously!  And I so happen to be there, hanging out with them, during one of their Vancouver series marathon.  And it also just so happens that I'm wearing the exact same dress as one of the housewives' on the ironic?!?  But of course, with my straw hat and gladiator flats, I don't exactly exude that socialite/housewife status!

Dress - Alexander Wang; Sandals - Sergio Rossi; Hat - Uniqlo; Necklace - Street Vendor; Turquoise tri-stone bracelet - Street Vendor; Beaded bracelet - Gifted; Chain bracelet - Isabel Marant; Spiked bracelet - Pamela Love

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  1. Another hit on Chictopia, Janet. Congratulations!