Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to Add Drama...

(Tour de Force)

(Jason Wu)


I'm really thinking that I will need to add a spectacular headpiece to my otherwise very boring outfit for an upcoming wedding.  So far, all I have is a simple black maxi dress from Helmut Lang with a side slit.  Worn with flip flops, it can look very casual due to its clean cut and jersey material.

Obviously, I'm going for sky-high heels (not sure which pair yet) and a stunning clutch (not sure which one yet either).  But since I'm planning to do my own hair/makeup, a headpiece seems like the ideal solution to distract from any potential eye makeup or hair oopsies!

Now to think of it, I've only worn a feather headpiece once to a christmas party many years may be time to attempt it again!

I think my first choice would definitely be the Tour de Force black cage headpiece, but given the time and resource I have before the wedding, I'll most likely end up with a Jason Wu lace or Chanel adorned   headpiece inspired look.


  1. Cool! can't wait to see your version of the jason wu/chanel headpiece !!

  2. me too!!! I wonder how do the people at chanel keep that giant pendant attached on the model's hair??? I mean at my friend's wedding, I'll be walking around, jumping of excitement when I see the bride and of course, dancing the evening away...I'll have to do some trial runs!

  3. hi dear,

    try maison michel at net a porter, or do a shop style search for their stuff. i love them!

    happy dressing up pretty mummy!