Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Idea #3 - HERMESSENCE

(Hermes Hermessence - Osmanthe Yunnan)

Among the five senses, smell is probably the most sensual of them all.  There's really no point looking fabulous if you smell like greasy chinese takeout!

My all-time-favorite fragrance is the Hermes Hermessence collection, a series of poetic essences with unique notes and surprising associations.  Although I personally have a few to interchange and mix together (depending on my mood), my heart still goes to Osmanthe Yunnan.  "A seductive game of tea, flowers and fruit. Silky, cheerful, delicious" as described by Jean-Claude Ellena.

And if you really cannot decide which essence (or perhaps would like to mix them as I do), you can also opt for the gift set of four essences of choice.  They each come with individual Hermes canvas, making them easy to refresh mid-day and airport friendly!

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