Saturday, January 8, 2011

no time to waste

Just like everyone else, my new year resolution is to lose weight - my pregnancy weight to be more specific.  After the holiday season and my recent eat-a-thon, here I am, faced with a huge stepback in reaching my original weight.  I mean I was already really close before Christmas, but now have just put back 1.4 lbs.  It may not sound like a lot, but trust me, I can feel it in my jeans!

Attack plan:

1) Chew my food:

I often eat too fast and feel overstuffed afterwards.  Instead of swallowing everything down, chewing will give my brain enough time to signal that I'm full. 

2) Drink water:

I don't drink enough water mostly because it doesn't taste much.  Not that I use to drink a lot of pop, but even juice is high on sugar and calories.

3) Cut 1/2 on desserts:

Limit myself to one dessert a day instead of one (sometimes two) dessert after each meal.

I know I should also include an exercise plan but food intake is actually the single most important element in weight lost.  Once I'll achieve the ideal weight, then I'll work on toning.

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