Sunday, January 9, 2011

Collagen Drink?

Postpartum is painful enough with the changes in your body and hormones, and now, I have to deal with issues with my skin?!?  Ok, maybe its due to lack of sleep or just too much time at home fixating on my skin...I recently discovered fine lines on my face/neck that I never noticed before!!!  It's still too early for botox or demafill...but what to do in the meanwhile!!!  I'm desperate!

Recently, during my stay in TO at my friend, who also recently had a baby, she made me drink this Japanese collagen milkshake that helped her with skin texture and small fine lines.  After 3 days of trial, I was convinced and bought a can of my own.  The taste is "blah" but not unpleasant; definately worthwhile for the result.

Fine Hyaluron & Collagen is about $45 each and available at  It is currently having a buy 2 get 1 free promotion and free shipping with purchase of $100 or more.  I should stock up...


  1. wow. if it works, that drink may be a life safer!

    i recently saw on a taiwanese show where they demonstrated the kiehl's double strength deep wrinkle filler. on the show, they got instant results. maybe something you might want to try as well :)

  2. Florence, it's so hard to try everything we read/see on tv. I'm very skeptic about these kind of things and really need to try or be recommended by a friend with success story. Have you tried that Kiehl's wrinkle filler? Let me know!!!