Saturday, April 20, 2013


Recently, in my unglamorous life of being on maternity leave and trying to shed the last 5kg, I've gravitated towards Lululemon instead of Louboutin.  Sure, on the odd occasion I have to go out sans kids, I'll pull out my heels...but in the past two months, that only happened once!

My legitimate reason to buy new athletic gear is simply because none of my old gym clothes fit me (either unflattering or plain cannot fit into).  Plus, it's always more motivating to hit the stairmaster when sporting a cute outfit!

The Lulu fever is nothing new to me...I was first addicted when I started Bikram yoga in 2006 and lasted for about two years, just before being pregnant with Ayden.  And this winter, I caught the virus again!  In fact, my mom has been making fun because I have now enough new gym outfits to go everyday of the week without repeating but have only been going 2-3 times/week...hehe...what can I say?!?

Wearing all Lululemon:

Top - Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve; Shorts - Reverse Groove; Headband - Fly Away Tamer

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